About us

Our Mission

At Park we do things differently. The park way is to explore and to take time and to examine from different points of view. We interrogate the natural world not to take a standardized test but for the thrill of learning. We do Robotics the same way. We believe that simply building a robot, --a worthwile endeavor-- is not enough of a goal in itself, to be rushed into. We want to examine the issues of robotics, society, intelligence (both artificial and human) as well as the fields of mathematics and electronics. We feel that this best places robotics in a context for our students, who may then pursue this exploration in college.

Our Story

We began designing curriculum and classroom materials for the fields of, Informatics, Robotics and Cognitive Science over 6 years ago by offering Clubs and Independent Studies designed to meet student requests and interest. Two elective courses offered around that time, "Mind and Matter" by Herman and "Logic, Metalogic and the Mind" by Fedirko, together with projects, club activities, and student initiatives, finally merged into what would become our current, logic, programming and robotics course, "I-2" or Informatics and Intelligence, a program supported by a Blssnet STEAM grant and running now for its fourth year. One of our early clubs was called "The Futurists" club and while this moniker may have been apt at the time, current development of AI, or Machine Learning, is changing so quickly that each day could be called, a Future Day, and the field of robotics does not resemble what most might imagine. We believe our work reflects this rapidly changing field, but should this site begin modifying itself, we will need to begin a new chapter.

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